Sep 5, 2006
Author: Rechella Sturwold

Hi, im Rechella Sturwold and this is my first year of espanol im a sophmore at Memorial High School. When u visited New Bremen High School for the concert i was there and u are so great! I had so many chills when you were singing. you are so good and i wish that mabye next year you could come to my school in St.Marys. Im sure that im not the only one who enjoyes your music nor your concert So may i ask u to come? You wife is beautiful she is suck a good dancer!.hah and ur daughter has the most beautiful eyes in the world. She obviously got them from you!..i got a poster from u and u singed it Thanx alot!..bye the way i was the first person to get my picture taking with you i was on left side and i blew the picture up and framed it!..i downloaded your song as my ringer to i love it!..so u can email me back asap i would greatly apperciate it..Thanx for coming i loved it and i hope u can come to my school so my fellow classmates can enjoy it as much as i did!..Thanx for the time!.

Rechella Sturwold
St.Marys Ohio, 45885