My Testimonial - Marianna High School
Nov 19, 2007
Author: Jr

You came November 19, 2007 to my school Marianna High School. I went into the concert thinking this Justo guy is just going to stand on stage and not interact with us at all and I was proved WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Before you started every song you talked to us and taught us some of the song or had fun with us. All of your songs were so very awesome. I have been to many rock concerts but your concert was the BEST one by far. You interacted with us as much as possible. What shocked me most was when you came out to the audience. I was like holy cow this guy is getting into the crowd. I have never had that done at the rock concerts. Your message really touched me because I also have been told that I couldn't achieve my dream and have had many setbacks. But your message told me that I CAN do it as long as i believe in myself and try the hardest I can. My dream is to be a singer just like you. You are my hero. On a scale of 1-10 i would rate your concert a 100. I have told my friends from other schools about you and they are also impressed. I am so looking forward to your concert next year because even though I am going to graduate I am coming back just to attend your show.

Thank you Justo for coming to Marianna High School