Concert in Jacksonville, FL
Nov 20, 2007

I loved your concert in Jacksonville, Florida yesterday, in the High School. you rock.
I love how you take time from your day and have concerts for childern that takeing Spanish classes. I walked outside knowing more Spanish than when I walked inside, because of you now I know to say Spanish words with that Spanish accent I hope that the next year I can come to your concert. You rock and I love your hair you are my hero when you stoped the music and said "I know many you are going through a lot right now" I felt as if you were speaking to me since I have had a rough childhood and still do. You gave me hope to go on and to never give up because of you I will keep going and I will reach after my dreams. when you spoke I noticed that we have much in common and I even began to cry when you spoke of what happened when you were five.
I just wanted to say thanks for the picture that you took with me and the posters you signed for me. I will always love and admire you

Love Jessica