I really enjoyed the concert even more than my students
Mar 11, 2008
Author: Nettie Meadows

You have great passion that comes out with your gift. Telling about your childhood (that sounded alot like mine), my students and I could relate.
The story of your childhood made you more human to my students. Your interaction with students and teachers after the concert was very much appreciated.
I will always look on the website for more of your concerts in other states that I can go to. My students may not be able to attend but I can.
I am a great fan. This is my second time to attend one of your concerts. If you have any free CD's my students and I would love more. I bought all three that were available. Thank you again for your love of music, dance and Spanish. Those are my three passions in life as well.


Nettie Meadows,
Maestra de espanol,
Coalgate Public School,
Coalgate, OK. 74538