My students had a terrific time at this concert
Author: Sharon Birch - Marion, Illinois

My students had a terrific time at this concert. I can not begin to tell you all of their positive comments, but I can tell you that they were definitely impacted by what Justo said. We spent the entire period in all my classes on Wednesday talking about the concert. I even had students stay after class to share with me thoughts that they didn't necessarily want other classmates to hear, because they were so personal. They desperately want Justo to come back here and are quite upset that we won't have an auditorium here at JMB next year. I really have no suggestions for improving the experience. I do wish that Justo had time in his schedule to sit down and talk with my Spanish III students, but I fully understand how busy he is and how draining each concert must be. This concert blew away any expectation that I had! When I saw him in concert at NECTFL last year I enjoyed the concert immensely...but this concert for the students was so much more!!! Thank you so much!